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It's 5 o'clock Somewhere   $115

A hamper that satisfies 6-8 people for cocktail hour.  With a selection of cocktail mixes and garnishes, 3 complete appetizer fixings and the small details like cocktail napkins and utensils.  Great for an afternoon entertaining or as a cottage gift set.

Cottage Hampers  

Order any of our 4 themed hampers or have us create a customized one for your next Honey Harbour Weekend.

Weekend Warrior   $165  (6 meals for 4 people = $6.87 pp per meal)

We know you want to be enjoying your cottage weekend and not be stuck in the kitchen so we created a hamper that will feed 4 for the entire weekend.  No more hauling up from the city - just order in advance and swing by on Friday by 8pm and we'll have it ready to go.  Coffee, granola and scones for breakfast sat and sun.  Beef Burgers, buns and salad, cookies for Friday night dinner.  Quiche and salad for lunch sat.  Pizza flatbread, cheese, crackers and hot spread for afternoon appetizers.  Linguine with smoked fish (with recipe card) for sat dinner.  Sunday lunch - use up any leftovers or come into Thrive Foods for a grilled panini!

Weekend Away for 8   $225  (5 meals = $5.65pp per meal)

Need to feed a crowd of 8 with ease?  This hamper is the perfect starting point.  We have included fixings for 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners, 2 desserts and 1 afternoon snack.  You would just need to pick up buns and get one of your guests to make lunch - the least they could do don't you think?

Our cottage hampers take the stress out of cooking for the weekend and also make thoughtful and useful gifts if you have been invited to a cottage.  

Choose from our themes or design your own.  We appreciate 24 - 48 hours notice for all hamper orders but if you need it quicker just phone, email or stop into the store and we'll try to turn it around fast!

The Good Guest   $75  

A good cottage guest knows to contribute to their stay with either work around the cottage or food!  We have the food covered with coffee, scones and jam for breakfast plus something to add to cocktail hour.  This hamper is guaranteed to get you invited back again!

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